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1. A protocol that allows data file transfer from one device to another using the connectionless protocol is known as





2. What of the following best describes the execution of applications that monitor and control managed devices?





3. The configuration register is composed of how many bits?





4. What way is used, when the physical access to a router is not possible?





5. What should a user use for exchanging the information between the NAS and client?





6. The large numbers representing the current date and time is termed as





7. Which of the below is described as an author that provides digital certificates and binds data items within a certificate?





8. UNIS command is composed of how many parts?





9. The username or password encryption is supported by





10. UNIX operating system was developed in





11. The cisco secure policy manager is also known as





12. Internet is an example of





13. A form of dynamic NAT that maps multiple, unregistered IP addresses to a single registered IP address by using different ports is explained by





14. Which of the following are the important bodies for the network administrators and the intruders?





15. Which of the following is the component of intrusion detection system?





16. The developer of SSL HandShake Protocol is





17. Which of the following is used to detect and warn devices of any collisions?





18. The web browsers, web servers and transfer files makes use of





19. What are the main components of the cisco routers?





20. The recovery of the lost password is described as