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1. The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model was developed by ISO in





2. TCP Is an example of





3. Active and Passive modes of operations are used by





4. Which of the following commands are accessed by the network administrator?





5. The AAA in the model stands for





6. What are the responses known as that are received from TACACS+ daemon?





7. Which command is used for specifying an authentication method in an IKE policy?





8. Which of the following provides the real time response to intruders in the network by blocking access to it?





9. NAT is defined through





10. What works the best with the internet community to facilitate responses to incidents that involve internet?





11. What are the attacking methods used by intruders?





12. The cisco secure ACS for NT runs on 





13. What is the network called that extends remote access dialup clients to a private network?





14. The connection to a network is provided by





15. What is the default port number used for HTTP?





16. Which of the following are the examples of the Data Link layer?





17. The Layer 6 in OSI model is termed as





18. The Logical Link Control and MAC are the sublayers of





19. On which server do the IOS images reside in the tftpboot directory?





20. Bootstrap program is contained in