CCIE Security Jobs in Canada

Cisco has launched plenty of certification exams and one of the famous among them is called CCIE Security certification. CCIE Security certification is the course which evaluates the skills of experts and engineers and allows them to perform functions like troubleshooting on the converged infrastructure of networking systems.

As mentioned earlier, Cisco has launched various certification so like all of them CCIE certification has appended an increase in the authenticity of various networking skills and networking professionals. This certification has helped experts and professionals a lot in finding good and jobs in reputable business enterprises. Once certified with CCIE Security, experts would be able to get reputable jobs in fields covering switching, routing and troubleshooting operations. The chances for certified engineers with CCIE are high in getting handsome salary packages among jobs in Canada.

Job Designations:

The professionals and experts certified with CCIE are getting jobs in Canada as

  • Cisco expert in networking systems
  • CCIE senior networking engineer
  • IT manager and IT specialist
  • An analyst in system designing and as a system design engineer
  • Network support professional and engineer
  • An analyst for the security designs
  • An analyst for network infrastructure
  • Security Administrators
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Specialist
  • Security support engineer

These are the job designations for engineers certified with CCIE and are available in Canada on good salary packages.

The reports and surveys have shown that the salaries of IT specialists who are certified are relatively high in Canada. Depending upon the experience and certifications, professionals are getting high ranked jobs in different fields while they are residing in Canada. The world of IT is moving very fast and it requires IT specialists. The average salary range for CCIE Security jobs in Canada is around CAD: 86,000 per annum.

Listed below are latest CCIE Security Jobs in Canada

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