CCIE Collaboration Practice Exam 1

Which of the following application uses the Cisco Unified operation system for configuration and administration?





You have reset a IP phone via Cisco Unified communication manager Administration page, which method will briefly shuts down a registered phone and bring it back up?






Which of the following can be used to display all currently unassigned directory numbers?





Which of the following two type of devices can the Cisco Unified disaster recovery use as a backup target?
(Choose that applies)






Which service you should active in Cisco Unity connection to monitor the service health and performance?





Which of the following Cisco IOS command should you use to perform an IP phone cold reboot?





You are installing an IP Phone in a remote location. When you plugged IP Phone into the network, the phone does not power on. What will be the first thing you will check?





Which of the following protocol should you use to configure Cisco Unified Personal Communicator for secure voice messaging?





Which two parameters are valid for report generation of QoS reports CAR tools?





How many failed attempts at signing into Cisco Unity Connection is a user allowed before their account is locked out by default?






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