CCIE Collaboration Practice Exam 2

Which of the following statement describe the calling search space?





Which service is the basic service that can be considered as optional when deploying a Cisco Unified presence?





Which of the following Cisco Unity Connection report provides a summary view of the current size, last error condition, and status of the mailbox store?





Which of the following report in Cisco Unified reporting should you use to track the number of users with one or more phones?





Which of the following protocol is used when you are utilizing the chat feature of Cisco Unified Personal Communicator?





What is the maximum number of IP phones that can register with a UCM cluster in a Cisco UCM single-site deployment?





Which of the following value should you assign to option 150 for DHCP to operate correctly in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express environment?





Which of the following device enable Call Admission Control in a CME environment?





You are administrator and you want to import users using Bulk Administration menu in Cisco Unified Communication is valid for this operation?





What happens if user of the first phone is using the line and the user of the second phone uses the Barge feature if two phones share a line between them?





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