CCIE Collaboration Practice Exam 3

Which of the following is the preferred analog signaling method to reduce glare?





Which of the following is the accepted maximum limit for good-quality voice connection delay?





Which of the following command is used to determine if an MGCP gateway is registered with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server?





If an end user is deleted from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager system, what will happen?





Which phone type should you select if you are using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Release 7.1 when creating a new soft phone for a Cisco Unified Presence user?





Which of the following three characteristics are associated with voice?






Which of the following two directory services are supported by Cisco Unified Communications Manager for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol integration?





You have an IP phone has a line calling search space and a device calling search space. If a call is made from the IP phone, which calling search space is used?





In your company, a user wants to use a signaling protocol on the voice gateways that require registration with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which protocol should you suggest to him?





In which of the following situation are user PINs maintained by the local Cisco Unified Communications servers?





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