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CCIE Collaboration Jobs in USA

Cisco is a big name in the IT industry and already gain worldwide recognition, that’s why the IT certifications released by this IT giant is highly respected all around the world. One of their high level certifications that open the door for a lot of job opportunities is the CCIE Collaboration. In the US where information technology is an extremely important part of the fast growing business, certified IT experts are always in demand. Information technology is rapidly improving, so IT experts with sufficient skills that can keep up with the changes are always needed, and the CCIE certification will make sure that the employers don’t hire the wrong individuals.

Every year, the numbers of IT professionals trying to get a job in the US are always increasing; therefore the recruitment process is also getting stricter. However, if you are a CCIE certified, you will have a far greater chance of getting the job. Cisco certifications will give a great value to your application and make you stand out amongst other IT experts and you will be considered qualified for many job positions.

Some of the jobs available in the US for a Cisco certified IT professional are:

  • Voice Technologies Administrator
  • Voice Technologies Engineer
  • Voice Technologies Manager
  • Unified Communications Engineer
  • Technology Lead
  • Sales Engineer
  • Infrastructure / Network Architects
  • Manager Operations – Communications and Cloud
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • And many more 

CCIE is an expert level certification, some even think that it’s the highest level of IT certification. Cisco set a really high standard for this certification, that’s why it takes a hard work and high level of skills to pass their difficult test in order for you to earn it. But all those hard work are not for nothing, an IT professional with CCIE certification can expect a salary that ranges from $90,000 to $120,000 which is very rewarding for most people.

Listed below are latest CCIE Collaboration Jobs in United States

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