CCIE Security Practice Exam 1

Which of the following two protocols are used for server based AAA development?
(Choose two)





How can you create an AAA authentication policy in Cisco Configuration professional?





How many bits of address expand to when a network transitions from IPv4 to IPv6?





Which of the following feature in AAA can automate record keeping within a network?





Which of the following command in Cisco’s router will verify authentication between a router and a AAA server?





In which of the following mode does Cisco Configuration Professional Security Audit will operate?
(Choose that applies)





Which of the following application comprise Cisco Security Manager?
(Choose that applies)





Which of the following is true about Access list in IPv6?
(Choose that applies)





Control Plane Policing allows QoS filtering to protect the control plane against DoS attacks



Which of the following security framework is used to set up access control on Cisco appliances?





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