CCIE Security Practice Exam 2

Which of the following will be added to password stored in MD5 to make it more secure?





Which of the following is the potential security weakness of a traditional state full firewall?





Which of the following method can be used by hacker?





Which of the following will be disabled as a result of the no service password recovery command?





Which of the following kind of table do most firewall used today to keep track on the connection through the firewall?





Where is the inspection policy applied with Cisco IOS Zone Based Policy Firewall?





What will be the result come when securing the Cisco IOS image using the Cisco IOS image resilience feature?





The secure boot config global configuration takes a snapshot of the router running configuration and securely archives it in persistent storage.



Influencing will provide users personal information over the routers



Cisco Security Agent Interceptor is in charge of intercepting all read/write requests to the rc files in UNIX is ________.





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