CCIE Service Provider Jobs in Dubai

CCIE service provider is just not a name that pays great. It is responsibility of managing operations within organization, testing and lab work of many hours and involves great experience. It includes formation of infrastructure that is complex and converged, after the formation CCIE service provider has to look after the operations of that infrastructure and regulate it is working. Lastly working out is problems and making sure that all troubleshoots are resolved for better working of that structure.

All of this work for CCIE service provider calls for extra benefits. The good news is that CCIE certified are in demand. Companies bid for CCIE service provider and keep looking for best engineer around. The fact here is that there are only few thousand of CCIE certified around globe. That makes them more in demand and as the nature of their work is highly technical, they are paid market competitive plus package.

Cisco is a big name. People who are connected to Cisco in any manner gain respect and are in good books of recruiters. Cisco certified engineers are famous around the world, not just because of the name of Cisco that they carry but because of the complex job they do. CCIE service provider are responsible for managing network and require great experience to accomplish their job. Experience also encourages employers to pay more. Also the demand for CCIE service provider are great in evolving hub for jobs that is Dubai. Dubai not only pays market competitive but also provides relocation to employees according to their comfort. The current salary provided to CCIE service provider in Dubai is almost 120,000 dirhams to 130,000 dirhams. This pay is obviously else than added incentives that companies will offer to the Cisco certified person.

Listed below are latest CCIE Service Provider Jobs in Dubai

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