CCIE Wireless Jobs in Australia

Australia’s job market is relatively stable and successful overall. Though most of Australia’s job market is pretty stable, the Information Technologies field, like in most of the world, is expanding exponentially, as is the demand for supreme employees. Experience is always a way for an individual to climb to the top, but another way is through a variety of certifications. One of the best in the IT world is the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Wireless certifications. In the already successful arena of IT, securing a CCIE Wireless certification enables an individual to be certain of their prosperity.


As we all know, a certifications alone won’t make a person successful any more than having a certain title will. What makes a person successful is their hard work and experience. Still, the CCIE certification is the highest level of technical networking certification offered by Cisco, and the Wireless branch of this certification provides a number of resume-garnishing jobs like: Partner Solution Engineer, Network / Communications Technician, and Cisco UC Support Engineer.

Expected Pay

Being down under offers a pay that’s well over the norm in other parts of the world. Though having a CCIE Wireless certification will allow individuals to secure a relatively well-paid career in most countries, in certain parts of Australia CCIE Wireless certification holders’ salaries can soar upward between AU$117,000 and AU$175,000. The position of the employee, and the location of the job will always be a factor in pay, but the overall average income for CCIE Wireless employees is around AU$120,000.

Benefits and Job Security

One of the biggest concerns with getting a good career is eventually losing it for whatever reason. Whether it be layoffs or budget cutting, sometimes jobs aren’t as secure as employees hope. As an expert in the field of wireless internetworking, CCIE Wireless certification holders won’t have to worry about their jobs. CCIE Wireless certification holders are able to tackle the industry’s most challenging wireless networking assignments, and as such they will be seen as invaluable to their employers.


Australia’s job market is pretty stable, but complaisance can lead to job loss. Securing a CCIE Wireless certification will grant employees with a competitive salary, invaluable skills, and a sense of job security that will allow them to rest easy as night.

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