CCIE Wireless jobs in Canada

Canada’s relatively low population density, when compared with its booming Information Technologies (IT) industry, is a prime place for individuals searching to make their name in their career field. Because IT is such a competitive industry, individuals need credentials to set them apart, and the Cisco Certified Internet work Expert (CCIE) Wireless certification is the edge many employers are searching for.


Cisco boasts that claiming a CCIE Wireless certification comes with a number of wonderful benefits. It, “[provides a] greater opportunity for salary increase and job advancement in wireless networking industry, validates expertise in major aspects of WLAN technology, [and it] provides [the] next step for individuals interested in a career in managing or working with Cisco wireless technologies.” The job advancements bestowed by the certification are wide-ranging and varying, but some of the jobs a CCIE Wireless holder can hope to claim are: Network Support QT / Client Services Engineer, Network Operations Center Analyst, and IT and Desktop Support Specialist.

Prerequisites and Pay

Cisco doesn’t have any formal requirements for individuals in search of their CCIE Wireless certification, but both a written and lab exam are required before starting the CCIE Wireless program. In addition to that, Cisco recommends three to five years of experience so that candidates may achieve the most rewarding certification experience. After passing the exam, CCIE Wireless holders can expect to generate anywhere from C$60,000 to C$120,000 a year. Job position and location will cause salaries to vary, but the average income for CCIE Wireless certification holders is around C$90,000.

How to Achieve Certification

Achieving CCIE Wireless certification comes in two steps: the written exam and the lab exam. The written exam is two-hours long and covers all the concepts and knowledge needed for the jobs involving a CCIE Wireless certification. Next, hopefuls must take and pass the lab exam between 18 and 36 months of taking the written exam. The lab is eight hours and puts the individual’s knowledge into practice.


Canada has one of the best economies in the world, and with such a rewarding salary range, one would ponder why working as a CCIE Wireless professional in Canada wouldn’t be an individual’s first choice. In an interview with a CCIE recruiter, reports that if CCIE certification holders aren’t working it’s usually because they aren’t willing to relocate to where the jobs are. With the generous pay, CCIE Wireless certification holders can expect a long and fruitful career if they choose a place like Canada as their country of employment.

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