CCIE Wireless jobs in Dubai

Cisco is the world leader in selling, manufacturing and designing networking equipment. As of 1993, Cisco introduced its certifications in various networking fields, with its certifications making their mark in the world and becoming more popular globally with time.

Every year thousands of candidates from all over the world sit for the Cisco exams in the hopes of achieving the Cisco certification. From these, the successful ones are awarded their prized certification, an emblem of their superior skills and expertise in the said field.

CCIE wireless is one of the comparatively newer and one of the most popular fields thanks to the introduction and supremacy of wireless technology such as laptops in the world.

Wireless networking is a colossal phenomenon now. With ever growing demand of skilled and certified professionals required to take over the complex networking tasks, CCIE certified individuals have an edge over other possible candidates with the certification not only acting as a valid credential but also a sign of their prospective good performance in the field they have applied for.

CCIE certification jobs have a stronger market in the West and Europe; nevertheless, many Middle Eastern countries are seeing a growing trend in the rise of CCIE certified professionals demand due to the growth of WLAN marketing.

Amongst these, Dubai, as compared to other UAE states is the focal point for the growth of CCIE community and WLAN networking, presenting job opportunities to skilled networking professionals from all over the world. Many CCIE wireless job seekers leave their own home countries to work in Dubai which is a metropolis and an economic hub of the continent. On average, CCIE wireless engineer can easily make equivalent to $10,000 and $50,000 in AED yearly, with some making slightly less and many others make a lot more than the stated amount.

Listed below are latest CCIE Wireless Jobs in Dubai

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