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In America’s competitive job market, it’s becoming harder and harder to simply graduate from college and secure a steady job. With a flooded market, job seekers have to set themselves apart, and one way to do that is through expert certifications. The Informational Technologies (IT) field is rapidly growing to meet the demands of cyber consumers and threats, and claiming a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Wireless certification is one of the most world-renowned ways job seekers can set themselves apart. In a world that’s disconnecting from cords, wireless prowess is more important than ever.


Cisco claims their overarching CCIE certification is respected worldwide as the premier IT certification. As the name suggests, CCIE Wireless holders are specialized in understanding all things wireless: “Candidates who pass the CCIE Wireless certification exams demonstrate broad theoretical knowledge of wireless networking and a solid understanding of wireless local area networking (WLAN) technologies from Cisco, the market leader in WLAN technology.” Because Cisco is so broadly used, it’s not unusual for companies to specify their candidates possess an active CCIE Wireless certification, and some of the jobs CCIE Wireless holders can claim are: Network Engineer, WLAN Networking Consultant Engineer, and Solutions Architect – Networking. 

Prerequisites and Pay

Some Cisco certifications actually use the CCIE as a prerequisite for other certifications, but right now there are no prerequisites to get the CCIE Wireless certification. Still, having the CCIE Wireless certification makes an individual eligible for a plethora of other certifications. Though there aren’t certification- or course-related prerequisites, applicants must pass a written exam before attempting to get their CCIE Wireless certification. Cisco also strongly recommends having three to five years of related job experience to better prepare a candidate for the necessary exams. Upon successful completion of the certification exam, CCIE Wireless certification holders can expect to make anywhere from $67,000 to $112,000. Salaries differ depending on location and position, but the average income for CCIE Wireless personnel is $82,000.


In the American economy, expertise is prized above all else, and securing a CCIE Wireless certification sets individuals apart from the crowd. Not only will CCIE Wireless certification holders be able to better perform their job, but since this certification is a prerequisite for other certifications, attaining it will position employees for advancement if they choose to pursue it in the future.

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