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1. Which of the following is operated at layer 2 of the OSI model?





2. Which of the below is defined as a distributed database where the host names can be mapped to an IP address?





3. Which types of access points are supported with the client services?





4. Which of the below is classified as an application layer?





5. IP address must be assigned to which of the following?





6. The access point 2 is referred as





7. The channel utilization is represented by use of which symbol?





8. Which of the following commands are used to show possible problems?





9. Which access points are associated with wireless LAN controller?





10. Which of the following interfaces are mandatory for the controller?





11. Which of the following are the alternating current signals?





12. In which of the following does WLAN devices work?





13. VLANs are used with which of the following?





14. Which of the following is classified as a protocol used to provide redundancy by making teo or more routers?





15. Which of the below is specified as a vendor class identifier?





16. The troubleshooting process is configured through





17. The standalone point is used for





18. Which of the following is required to connect to a unified wireless solution?





19. A channel should be allocated manually is a recommendation of





20. Which of the below authentications are centralized from WDS?