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1. What is the service port for 2100 series?





2. Which of the below handle both the load balancing and the failover?





3. What is the version for the feature set for IOS autonomous access points?





4. Which of the following is the establishment of a noise floor below the radio interface?





5. In which of the below is the key distribution dynamic?





6. Which of the following are supported by autonomous AP?





7. EtherChannel is used for





8. EtherChannel is used for





9. In which IEEE finalized the initial standard for WLAN?





10. MAC addresses are assigned to which of the following for load balancing configuration?





11. Which of the below introduced an addition problem that is not heard by every STA?





12. Which of the following allows the VLANs to manage itself locally?





13. AIn which of the following are the consumer products involved?





14. The access points are responsible for sending which of the following?





15. VLAN trunking protocol is used with which layer?





16. Which of the following accepts the highest priority and is active?





17. The default router IP addresses are specified by which of the following?





18. All the machines used on the server have





19. In which of the following is the legacy 802.11 privacy algorithm used?





20. In which of the following is the legacy 802.11 privacy algorithm used?