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Free CCIE Wireless 350-050 Practice Exam Questions

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1. What provides a high speed link between switches, routers and servers?





2. All the devices with a network must be synchronized according to





3. The data rate configuration is according to which of the following?





4. The controller in APs supports the use of





5. Which of the interfaces are related to VLAN





6. C is the symbol for





7. Which key is retrieved from the CSV file?





8. How many types of interfaces are available on the controllers?





9. Which is described as the standard optional mode of a LAP?





10. Which of the following requires a stable connection?





11. Stratum 1 uses





12. When the access points act as a repeater, which command is used?





13. Which of the below allows the user to run the autonomous solution standalone?





14. WLC is accessible through





15. Which of the below is optional on the 5500 series controller?





16. What is used for the communication of LAP and WLC?





17. What is used for the configuration of the LAP mode?





18. Data framing is included in 





19. What is the other name of interface?





20. The current channel assessment is shown by use of which command?