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Free CCIE Wireless 350-050 Practice Test Questions

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1. IP address is necessary for which of the following?





2. How many Ethernet ports are in 2100 series media type?





3. Which of the following should be adopted when changing from wireless to wired medium?





4. 1 is the service port for which of the following?





5. Enterprise network extension allows





6. The successful transmission of the data frame is followed by





7. Which of the below does not allow the management of the VLANs locally?





8. Which of the below is designed as a client server protocol?





9. IEEE 802.11 range is used by





10. What is the goal of VLAN?





11. WLAN network is similar to which of the following?





12. The STP exchanges information through bridge but in the form of





13. Internal server is supported on which of the following?





14. Radio frequencies are termed as





15. All ports in the EtherChannel should  be assignment to the same





16. SNMP is used with which layer?





17. How many access points are there in Point to point connections?





18. Which interface supports management mobility?





19. Which of the following performs the request for the root CA?





20. Which mode allows the AP to scan all configured channels?