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20 Free CCIE Wireless 350-050 Practice Test and Exam Questions

Try 20 Free CCIE Wireless 350-050 Practice Test and Exam Questions prepared by Certiology

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1. What is the basic building block of IEEE 802.11 LAN known as





2. When an AP is in place, which of the following is no longer directly communicating with each other?





3. 4 bytes tag is a feature of





4. Automatic recovery for the loss of a link is provided by





5. Which of the following is classified as a protocol used to provide redundancy by making teo or more routers?





6. Which command should be used when DHCP server is on a different network?





7. Which stratum type have a radio clock attached with it?





8. Which of the following are the methods to protect access levels?





9. What is the configuration point for multiple access points?





10. RADIUS server is also supported by





11. Wireless station must be associated with





12. What port is use for 400 series controllers?





13. Association and disassociation are part of





14. CAPWAP is used with





14. Which channel carries the traffic to and from the wireless clients?





16. When two or more STAs communicate with each other, the situation is described as





17. What are the types of VTP modes?





18. Which layer is associated with the port channel logical interface?





19. Which of the following commands are irreplaceable?





20. IP addresses are assigned and managed by