CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 1

CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 1

Convert the binary IP address to decimal: 11000100. 10101010. 10010100. 00001001





Which of the below work on the Application or Process Layer?





The quantity of data segments, measured in bytes that the transmitting machine is allowed to send without receiving an acknowledgment is called a______________.





Which command is used to set or change the time on a Cisco router?





_______________ protocol is used to collect information of locally attached devices.





Which of the below is the default subnet mask for Class B network?





____________________ is a device that operates on Data Link Layer.





____________ command displays IP – to –MAC address mappings on a Cisco Router





___________________ algorithm is used on the Ethernet Network to avoid collisions ( CSMA/ CD)





If you configure the address on a router’s interface and get the error:
Bad mask for /29 for address
What is causing this error?





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