CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 1

CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 1

_______________ protocol is used to collect information of locally attached devices.





Which of the below is the default subnet mask for Class B network?





___________________ algorithm is used on the Ethernet Network to avoid collisions ( CSMA/ CD)





Which of the below work on the Application or Process Layer?





Convert the binary IP address to decimal: 11000100. 10101010. 10010100. 00001001





____________ command displays IP – to –MAC address mappings on a Cisco Router





If you configure the address on a router’s interface and get the error:
Bad mask for /29 for address
What is causing this error?





The quantity of data segments, measured in bytes that the transmitting machine is allowed to send without receiving an acknowledgment is called a______________.





____________________ is a device that operates on Data Link Layer.





Which command is used to set or change the time on a Cisco router?





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