CCENT ICND1 Practice Test 2

CCENT ICND1 Practice Test 2

The command used to manually encrypt passwords is __________________





The MAC address that is the hardware address burned on the Network Interface Card (NIC) is of length___________





Cisco recommends 4 steps for troubleshooting (diagnostics steps), which of the below are among those steps?





Data encryption, compression and translation services are functions of which layer?





We get the below output after issuing the ___________ command
Vlan Mac Address Type Ports
—- ———– ——– —–
1 0006.dccb.d75b DYNAMIC Fa0/1
1 000a.f487.9e60 DYNAMIC Fa0/2
1 000a.f457.9c8b DYNAMIC Fa1/4





Which of the below is a feature of TCP protocol? (Choose 2)





Which form of communication is exactly like real conversation where devices can receive and transmit at the same time?





A non-proprietary protocol used for discovery of neighbor devices and works in multi-vendor networks created by IEEE is ________________________





Routing takes place at ______________ Layer of the OSI Model





OSPF uses a data packet called _____________________ which contains link-state and routing information to be shared to other OSPF routers.





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