CCNA Practice Tests 1, 100-101 ICND1 and 200-101 ICND2

From which mode you can add route maps?





What will be the broadcast address of





Which command is used to see routing table in Cisco’s 2800 router?





What is the administrative distance of static route to next hop-address?





If you are using EIGRP in R1 and OSPF in R2, what is the concept called to connect them?





As an IT support engineer in a software house, you saw R1 serial 1/0 is down, what is the best command to check this issue?





You are a datacenter engineer in a local datacenter. You want to get access to a router which is in Japan and you are in Luton. Which is the best method to use in accessing Japan’s Cisco router?





In Cisco’s 2600 router, which command will add EIGRP 109 in router?





Which command is used to check ACLs in Cisco’s router?








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