Vlans Practice Test 1

Vlans Practice Test 1

By default pruning mode is disabled for new switch 3550?



SW_A is server; SW_B is client, SW_B made 4 new Vlans. Can they propagate to SW_A?




VLAN operates on what layer of OSI layer model?





You have installed a new switch 3750 in your network, how many default Vlans this switch contains?





What is the default version of VTP that is used in switch 3550?





You are using different Vlans for different department in your company, what is the main reason for using such different Vlans?





By default, what is the native vlan of 3750s switch?





In switch C, the revision number is 40, you changes switch C from server to transparent mode, what will be the final revision number?





How many Vlans does VTP support for trunking?





In switch B, the revision number is 10; you deleted 3 Vlans one by one, what will be the final revision number?





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