Vlans Quiz 3

Vlans Quiz 3

In a network of 50 switches where 75 Vlans are running and each switch is connected to its redundant link, which method will make this network switching loop free





Which vlan traffic is not tagged by default?





Which protocol is most commonly used to configure Vlan?





Which technology will allow different vlans to communicate with each other in a network?





What is voice Vlans?





Can a vlan data travel through WAN link?



Which technology is used to travel vlan data from one switch to another?





Which one of the following is the default vlan in Cisco’s 3560 switch?





Can you assign ACLs based on Vlans?



Which command will put 0/4 port in vlan 77?





How can you check if 0/24 port of switch is in Vlan 10





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