CCNA Security Practice Test 1 IINS 640-554

CCNA Security Practice Test 1 IINS 640-554

Which encryption algorithms are not supported in Cisco IOS for IPsec implementations?





Which of the following is not affected by a default login authentication method list?





Which three items are the primary network security objectives for a company?





When you connect for the first time to the console port on a new router, which privilege level are you using initially when presented with the command-line interface?





Information for an upcoming but not yet released campaign for the private sector is leaked. This can be classified as





Which characteristic refers to risk those results from a threat and lack of a countermeasure?





Which  are part of the block cipher mode in DES





A Syslog server can be configured in Cisco SDM by using





To implement a root bridge in a layer 2 switched environment use





A client has requested that you design anetwork that abides to operation security best practices. All of the fulling should be considered except





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