CCNA Voice Practice Exam 1 ICOMM 640-461

CCNA Voice Practice Exam 1 ICOMM 640-461

The ITU-T specifies which value is an acceptable one-way, end-to-end delay for voice transmission?





Which feature is provided over and above standard analog and digital voice termination?





Your client wants to deploy Cisco Unified CME and is adamant about only using open-standard protocols. Your advice would be





What will this do?
Router(config-telephony)# after-hours day sat 11:00 23:59
Router(config-telephony)# after-hours day sun 00:00 00:00
Router(config-telephony)# after-hours block pattern 1 9011





Excessive traffic levels on Layer 2 switches impact voice quality. Which of the following is most likely to create excessive Layer 2 traffic?





When using the User Configuration feature in CCA what can be configured?





A client is using a key system but is upgrading to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. The client is hesitant to use PBX mode. What do you say?





You have a Unified Communications Manager and are using IP phones and third-party phones such as the Grand stream. You want to use SCCP for all phones. All are false except





What type is not supported on Cisco routers?





What type of phone configuration causes the phone to call a predetermined number when off-hook?





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