CCNA Voice Practice Exam 2 ICOMM 640-461

CCNA Voice Practice Exam 2 ICOMM 640-461

Why is 802.1Q trunking used to connect two Ethernet switches?





Which properties are defined on VoIP dial peers?





Under which of the following instances would the original Cisco Unity Express installation software be required?





Which of the following command is part of a pickup group configuration?





This is an example of
Router(config)# ephone-dn 101 dual-line
Router(config-ephone-dn)# number 2000
Router(config)# ephone 10
Router(config-ephone)# mac-address 00CC.0001.A123.1ABF
Router(config-ephone)# button 1:101
Router(config)# ephone 12
Router(config-ephone)# mac-address 00C0.0011.A145.1DDA
Router(config-ephone)# button 1:101





Which of the following is used to provide QoS feedback to the media stream source about an RTP stream?





A client wants to learn more about the Caller ID Block Code feature. What should you tell him?





When configuring a dial plan from CCA,





________ Connects to an FXS port





The PSTN and service provider environment is made up of physical devices, communications circuits, and communications protocols. Which of the following answers are considered PSTN components? (





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