CCNA Voice Practice Exam 3 ICOMM 640-461

CCNA Voice Practice Exam 3 ICOMM 640-461

When configuring the Auto Attendant from CCA, you configure the script parameters when





Which of the following transport layer protocols is used to carry real-time IP traffic?





Which statement is “most true?”





Based on the following, which statement is true

Dial-peer voice 15 pots
Destination-pattern 5551100
 Port 0/0/1

Dial-peer voice 16 pots
Destination-pattern 5551100
 Port 0/1/0





VoIP dial peers send calls to?





When the IP DHCP relay feature not needed?





The analog-to-digital conversion process is





AVT or TUI can be used to accomplish what by dialing in either locally or from the PSTN?





What is the speed of a T1 CAS circuit?





From the graphical view of the front panel on the UC500, which configurations can be accessed?





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