CCNA Wireless Practice Test 1 IUWNE 640-722

CCNA Wireless Practice Test 1 IUWNE 640-722

If a lightweight AP in default local mode is used to support wireless clients. Which one of the following paths would traffic usually take when passing from one wireless client to another?





The U-NII-1 band is used for which one of the following purposes?





A controller maintains how many code image files?





You can configure the priority value on an AP to accomplish which one of the following?





What is needed to merge guest WLANs from multiple controllers onto a common guest WLAN on a controller?





Which standard can make use of multiple spatial streams on a transmitter and a receiver?





An ACK frame is an example of which one of the following 802.11 frame types?





Which file transfer methods can be used to move a controller code image file onto a controller?





You use a web browser to access a controller and make a configuration change. You make sure to click the Apply button. Later the controller loses power and then reboots. Which describes the result?





Which of the following wireless LAN standards use OFDM for transmissions?





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