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CCNA Wireless Jobs in United Kingdom


Cisco has been the largest and most efficient technology provider for many years. They have a strong workforce and an evolving nature when it comes to understanding what the client wants and the general demands of the market. Today the world around us is wireless, from 4g technology to your smart phones everything is hassle free. Cisco understands and analyses these trends and has thus started developing its wireless technology even further to facilitate its users. With demand grows supply so in this current market the demand for CCNA Wireless certified individuals is at an all-time boom. The need for these professionals will continue to expand as newer protocols and systems come into play. CCNA Wireless is a specialized field within the generic IT industry so it bumps your demand and salary quite considerably.


The main job of a CCNA holder is to work with LAN’s and when we add wireless to the mix you are expected to work with the configuration of WLAN’s its various troubleshooting aspects and general implementation of the network. Once you get your certification you can get hired as a Junior Network Engineer who is responsible for installation of routers and switching etc. You get the opportunity to work with top CCIEs and thus expand your professional potential learning from the best on the job.


CCNA wireless jobs guarantee you an entry level IT job in the UK. From there onwards you can continue to grow and expand as per your interest and potential. An associate level job in the UK can provide you with an average salary of £35,000-40,000 per annum. This is quite a decent sum of money, with an added promise of progress with each certification you decide to acquire. Naturally London being the hub of trade and commerce offers the highest salary packages in the field but Yorkshire, Surrey etc. offer healthy competitive packages as well.

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