CCNP Route Practice Test 1

CCNP Route Practice Test 1

What does single Multihomed mean in terms of BGP ?





BGP updates will consume memory, thus to reduce the memory requirement, ISP may offer some options, which of these are those options. Choose all that apply.





When an update is received by a BGP router from another internal BGP router, it does not forward this information to another BGP router. What is this mechanism called?





A new concept in IPv6, used to give IPv6 address automatically to network devices is ___________________ ( this can also be known as mini-dhcp)





While dealing with Stub and totally stub routers, some rules need to be followed. Which of the below is NOT a correct rule.





Area 0 in OSPF is also known as _______________ area





OSPF routers that communicate with other network routers like EIGRP are called 





For IPv6 interface address a check is done to see if the Ipv6 address is already in use. This mechanism is called _______________.





Route filtering is enabled in EIGRP using the _______________ command





Which two authentication types are supported in EIGRP ?





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