CCNP Switch Practice Exam 2

CCNP Switch Practice Exam 2

Cisco’s has its proprietary version of STP that operates a separate instance of STP for each individual VLAN. This is __________________





Which of the following are used for Router Redundancy in Multilayer Switching? Choose all that apply.





To manage the size of CAM Tables, the stale entries (the entries not heard for a period of time) are aged out. The default these entries are stored for 300 seconds before being deleted. This can be changed using with of the below commands.





HSRP sends its hello messages to multicast destination using the IP _____________ 





Is the determines the amount of time a port stays in the Listeningstate before moving into the Learning state, and how long it stays in the Learning state beforemoving to the Forwarding state.





To connect two switches, what type of cable is used __________________





Provides interoperability between CST and PVST and also operates over 802.1q and ISL.





To transport packets between VLANs, you must use a Layer 3 device. Traditionally, thishas been a router’s function. The router must have a physical or logical connection to eachVLAN so that it can forward packets between them. This is known as





Ethernet is based on the ______________________ technology,which requires that transmitting stations to back off for a random period of timewhen a collision occurs.





Multilayer Switching is of two types, Route Caching and Topology based. Which of these terms are associated with Topology based? Choose two.





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