CCNP Switch Practice Test 1

CCNP Switch Practice Test 1

The IEEE 802.3 standard defines _______________





In Ethernet communication, a station should wait for its turn to transmit data; it cannot receive and transmit at the same time. This is known as _____________





Under Private VLANs we have secondary VLANs, which of the two are types of secondary VLANs?





Which of the following are VLAN Trunking protocols?





Edge Port in RSPT is equilavent to __________in STP.





What is the below command used for :
show mac address-table dynamic interface typenumber





In which of the switching states does Frames be forwarded and also learn MAC addresses.





Which of the following is not a RSTP state? 





In the STP ______________ state, switch can receive BPDUs but cannot receive data or learn MAC addresses.





The forward delay timer is for ______ seconds





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