TSHOOT Practice Exam 5

TSHOOT Pratice Exam 5

Is there is a concept of Vlans in nexus switches?



What is the purpose of using ACLs in a network?





What is the most important thing in a router in a live network?





You have debugged that your company is sharing confidential information across their network, what will you do to make such information secure?





R1 is not pingable but accessible on telnet, what is the issue?





What is the main function of session layer?





You noticed that R77 is pingable but after 22:00 to 23:00 it is not pingable, what will be the most likely issue to be involved?





You are managing your cisco’s network, you task it to propagate Sw_6 information to all switches in a network, what will you do?





OSPF is:





Which layer provide a secure connection?





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