TSHOOT Pratice Test 1

TSHOOT Pratice Test 1

You are a network engineer you are diagnosing LSA’s in your network of more than 20 routers. You are using OSPF as its base protocol, what will be the responsibility of LSA type 5 and 6?





What does LSA 4 do in OSPF?





You saw that your R3 is not pingable in your network which is placed in your local building, what will be the reason?





Your company is using EIGRP as its core protocol in their network. They want to change it will OSPF v3. What will be the major changing will be occur in the network?





You are junior Cisco support engineer facing that your R77 which is in Manchester is not working properly. You are willing to telnet, what will be the most likely OSI layer is involved in this scenario.





How can you connect other areas with OPSF area 0?





By default in EIGRP, the value of matric K4 is





You are deploying new 2 routers in your company, you are going to link them with WAN link, at which side you will configure clock rate of your two routers?





Network ID is assigned by





You saw that R17 is totally down and is not pingable and not accessible on Telnet session, what will you do to troubleshoot this issue?





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