CompTIA CDIA+ Practice Exam 2 CD0-001

CompTIA CDIA+ Practice Exam 2 CD0-001

You need to store 500 documents (2 page each size 50kb) daily. What storage capacity is needed monthly (21.5 working days per month) ?





To identify potential trouble spots in imaging systems. Consider all except





When developing the timeline for a workflow integration project, The #1 thing to consider is





Samuel Credit Union centralizes custody of confidential documents obtain from 9 different branches. The branches access the documents via the records manager via fax or courier. If they switched to a web based





If you want to gain the commitment from the management of Samuel Credit Union on a document imaging project your pitching, you should





Many of the documents to be scanned by a customer are sales invoices with a yellow background. A feature of the scanning solution should have:





SCU wants 3 of its branches to be able to print, scan, distribute, and OCR black and white typed documents among themselves. The network is Windows 2003 Active Directory domain with Windows XP clients. The LANs are running at 100 Mbps and connected via 3Mbps DSL. The 3 branches need to scan and print 500-1000 sheets daily. What is the minimum resolution for black and white scanned images used in OCR?





Manage goals, company expectations, staffing and equipment needs and costs are all responsibilities of a





______________ Allows work to be reassigned in RFP.





A Project Manager has been informed that users are resisting change when it comes to the new DMS. How can he/ she address this situation\





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