CompTIA CDIA+ Practice Exam 3 CD0-001

CompTIA CDIA+ Practice Exam 3 CD0-001

Accuracy is vital function of





Every week you scan 5000 documents 3 pages each. The size of each is 65kb. The storage required for the year is





SCU gets invoices from different vendors and processes 6 invoices weekly. Their budget is $3,500 to get an unstructured forms recognition solution to process invoices. What should you do?





The payroll department at SCU produces 175 documents per day. A fifth of which are faxes.  Faxes don’t need to be scanned. How many scanned documents will they produce from Mon-Fri





DMS implementation triggers a scope change when





When determining access permissions what should be considered?





What allows control of the project scope with respect to changes to the plan?





Samuel Credit Union wants to limit access to files based on job description. Persons are promoted or transferred horizontally occasion. The best system for them is    





The Human Resource Department at SCU uses DMS to manage resumes. You can search by SSN, Name and qualification. What method are they using?





A client wants to use a MFD to scan to their file server via FTP. What integration details should be documented?





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