CompTIA Project+ Practice Test 2 PK0-003

CompTIA Project+ Practice Test 2 PK0-003

HR has concerns regarding the work ethic of a team member. The project manager should give them





In status meeting a positive project risk is identified that can be controlled. You should





A project manager conducted a risk probability assessment this happened during





Which tool would be used to decompose a project?





Which risk response strategies involves the use of insurance, performance, bonds, or warranties?a





The reason for  a post-project review is





A sponsor has authorized the project manager for an new  project. He put it in writing. What would be key element in this document?





The project manager is most senior in which organizational structures?





The budget is $200,000 is in month #9 and it has an earned value of $180,000 and actual costs of $190,000. The cost variance is:





The sponsor informs the project manager that something else needs to be added to the scope statement in the execution phase. The project manager should





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