Comptia Security + and Dubai

Dubai is a living place for people from whole world. Dubai is famous for its market, tourism and hospitality sector. It generates millions from its business. It will not be wrong, if Dubai is called as money market. In comparison to US, Australia, Canada and UK, Dubai is still striving hard in making a versatile IT infrastructure. There could be many reasons including mafias and hackers. Dubai is a place where business man keep track record of their business with them. They are not afraid of hacking and misusing of data and information.

Form research and data analysis, it was found that IT professionals with Comptia security + are not hired with out earning a proper experience. This professional face a lot of financial issues so they tend to move abroad where there is more value for this certification. Many students and IT professionals are not getting their desired job based on their knowledge and skills. While professionals who have some experience along with Comptia security + certificate are preferred in comparison to other applicants.

IT professionals with Comptia security certification are not provided with high salary and benefits as compared with developed countries like U.S., Australia, Canada and UK. Tom built an innovative and secure infrastructure; Dubai has to cross a mile stone. No doubt, Dubai is one of the largest companies that generate high revenues as people earn a lot ad meanwhile spend a lot of money. Comptia has their training and certifying system in Dubai but employees and student rarely go for comtia security+ certificate. Employees and students acquire skills and knowledge with respect to the demand present in market. Yet it is hoped that, with innovation in IT infrastructure, Comptia security + will be in demand for employers to make their data/information safe and secure.

Listed below are latest CompTIA Security + Jobs in Dubai

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