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Over the last years, the computer security has boomed as a field, in terms of complexity, and available job opportunities available for IT security professionals. The best certification to show basic security knowledge is the CompTIA security+ certification. Unlike other security notifications, the compTIA security+ does not have any mandatory experience or prerequisites, although it is recommended to have at least 2 years of networking and security experience prior to taking the exam.

In order for you to pass the security+ exam (exam SY0-301), you must answer 90 (or less) multiple choice, and performance-based questions in no more than an hour and a half (90 minutes), and score a 750 or higher out of 900 possible points. The Security+ exam covers the most important fundamental principles for securing a network and managing risk, such as access control, identity management, cryptography appropriate mitigation, and deterrent techniques to address network attacks and vulnerabilities.

How much can you expect to earn with your security+ certification? The average means salary in the United States ranges from $75,000- $80,000 per year. What you get paid yearly is dependent on where you live, as well as your experience. One benefit of having this certification is that it is vendor-neutral, meaning that instead of focusing to any one vendor and their approach, you can focus on security topics and technology in general. The security field is alive and growing.

Everyday there is a higher demand for IT security professionals than there are qualified people available to fill those open positions. Even though the security+ certification is considered more of an entry-level certification, it is still valuable in its own way. Security+ certification can open many doors in the security field and it provides many other career-enhancing benefits.

It is a one of the main certifications that the United States Department of Defense asks for when recruiting new employees. Why not put it the extra time and effort to get you more money and a brighter future? It is one of the best ways to get your career in IT security started.

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