CompTIA Server+ Practice Exam 2 SK0-003

CompTIA Server+ Practice Exam 2 SK0-003

At what voltage/s  can a Universal 32-bit PCI card operate?





In a multi-tiered server system, this tier is usually used to store large pools of data for other server tiers?





Causes of ESD are?
I.    Low humidity
II.    Unshielded cables
III.    Incorrect grounding
IV.    Constant movement





The most vital feature to consider when choosing UPS is





You need to update BIOS





The minimum PCs needed to configure a clustered server environment is





What devices can’t not be connected with a crossover cable?





Which network OS uses one top-level directory represented by “/”?





You are attempting to set the IP configuration in Linux and used ipconfig which didn’t work. You should have used





Which performance-monitoring utilities found in the Windows 2000 Server?





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