CompTIA Server+ Practice Exam 3 SK0-003

CompTIA Server+ Practice Exam 3 SK0-003

You have been asked to back up the system today but you did a full backup yesterday. What kind of backup would you choose to back up the system in the to save time?





You should keep __________  for hardware troubleshooting purposes.
I.    Installation and configuration info
II.    Upgrade log
III.    Password changes
IV.    Component purchase orders





Create a disaster recovery plan





_________describes designating processor revisions?





When multiple RAID components fail, the data on the drives will





When installing multiple devices on the server the 1st thing you do is?





The most vital environmental security concern in a server room is





The backup tape format that should be used to get the highest storage out of a 24GB DAT drive is





What would you not test when testing the server’s performance?





The least important thing to consider when determining the baseline is





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