CompTIA Server+ Practice Test 1 SK0-003

CompTIA Server+ Practice Test 1 SK0-003

There are 2 drives using RAID 1. The first  4GB and the 2nd  5GB in size. If the first is storing 2GB, how much available space does the 2nd have?





Devices can be connected to a 2-channel SCSI-3 RAID 5 controller.





5 (4GB) drives in a RAID 5 array will have      available disk space





To make your server more fault-tolerant install





The administrator wants to secure remote server access he should use





To connect  8 servers to a disk drive array with 250 HDDs your best option is





You are updating the driver for your network adapter you got the latest driver from





Soon after installing a sever it stops communicating with the SCSI. You  reboot, it is okay. What was the issue?





On the UPS log file, you see that the server room loses power for a few minutes at 1:30pm every Wednesday. You immediately report this to





A problem occurred on the active primary NTFS partition, the PC  fails  boot. To correct this you need





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