CompTIA Server+ Practice Test 1 SK0-003

CompTIA Server+ Practice Test 1 SK0-003

Devices can be connected to a 2-channel SCSI-3 RAID 5 controller.





A problem occurred on the active primary NTFS partition, the PC  fails  boot. To correct this you need





To connect  8 servers to a disk drive array with 250 HDDs your best option is





The administrator wants to secure remote server access he should use





To make your server more fault-tolerant install





You are updating the driver for your network adapter you got the latest driver from





There are 2 drives using RAID 1. The first  4GB and the 2nd  5GB in size. If the first is storing 2GB, how much available space does the 2nd have?





Soon after installing a sever it stops communicating with the SCSI. You  reboot, it is okay. What was the issue?





5 (4GB) drives in a RAID 5 array will have      available disk space





On the UPS log file, you see that the server room loses power for a few minutes at 1:30pm every Wednesday. You immediately report this to





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