CompTIA Server+ Practice Test 2 SK0-003

CompTIA Server+ Practice Test 2 SK0-003

The most important factor in choosing the baseline for a server is





Where is the first place you should go to check the hardware compatibility for a network OS?





CAT5 cables use





What server can give  a wide variety of services like  e-mail, file, and web services?





To enable individual PCI slots to be turned on and off independently and also allow PCI cards to be added or removed without having reboot use





Which server applications is the most important?





Which TCP/IP utility would you use to set the IP config  in Linux?





An extra microprocessor is installed on a server running an SMP-capable NOS. It doesn’t recognize the CPU when it reboots.  The solution is most likely





The bandwidth for a PCI slot that has a 64-bit PCI bus working at 66MHz is





The height of a 1U server chassis is





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