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U.S is doing lot of research in marketing products, marketing analysis and forecasting. It has become easier to do proper market research with current IT infrastructure. Previously, it was needed that from doing market research, customers segmentation was formed on excel spreadsheets. These segments were divided in spreadsheets on basis of demographics, geographic or culture. There segmentation was designed manually which was very lengthy and time consuming process. Along with being less efficient, it lacks precision. Here was the time when It professionals were needed to make these activities faster and accurate.

That manual Segmentation was completed and was mailed as direct mail to customers about appropriate offers for each segment for company’s profitability. When customers received these personalized offers, they responded to these mails. But now a day with rapid progress in all department of organization, they made this process quick and efficient. One of the functions of IT professionals with CompTIA server + certification is that they can automate this data mining process. It will become `faster and cost effective.

IT Professionals with CompTIA server + were having knowledge and skills regarding data mining and segmenting.  CompTIA server + professionals were making their presence a necessity in all departments through out the organizations. Many firms, through out in U.S started hiring these professionals from all over the world. In specific case of marketing, they were able to automate the whole data storage process related to customer segmentation. CompTIA server + professionals firstly collect and gather all the required data that is needed to be stored and then analyzed. This data was then entered and it automatically started forming different segments with their specific offers. With this automated system, every customer gets its respective mail with specific offers automatically. This process was not only easy but was vey precise and accurate.

Salary for CompTIA Server + certified professionals in US ranges between US$: 60,000 to 80,000.

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