Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exam 2 CEH (312-50)

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exam 2 CEH (312-50)

A rootkit is _________________________________





_________________ is used as to detect steganography tools on a system





_________________ is a nontechnical method of breaking into a system or network. It’s the process of deceiving users of a system and convincing them to perform acts useful to the hacker, such as giving out information that can be used to defeat or bypass security mechanisms.





The _______________ bindsa legitimate file to the Trojan file. Both the legitimate software and the Trojan are combinedinto a single executable file and installed when the program is run.





_________________ is a technique that’s used to attack an Ethernet network and that may letan attacker sniff data frames on a switched LAN or stop the traffic altogether.





The attacker makes a full TCP connection to the target system. The most reliable scan type but also the most detectable. Open ports reply with a SYN/ACK while closed ports reply with a RST/ACK.





_____________ involves taking the information discovered during reconnaissance and using it to examine the network.





______________ is similar to a virus in many ways but does not need a carrier program. It can self-replicate and move from infected host to another host. It spreads from system to system automatically without the help of other programs.





The TCP RST command is used to ________





___________ is a class of programs that are used to enable remote control on the compromised device.





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