Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exam 3 CEH (312-50)

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exam 3 CEH (312-50)

A program which is disguised a something non-threatening is called a _________





In security terms, MITM stands for ______________________





____________infects another executable and uses this carrier program to spread itself. Thevirus code is injected into the previously benign program and is spread when the program is run.





DNS uses which of the below port number





___________ involves sending an email, usually posing as a bank, credit card Company, or any other financial organization. The email requests that the recipient confirm banking information or reset passwords or PINs.





Viruses affect some of the below components of a system. Choose two.





_________________ involves performing a security evaluation and testing with no prior knowledge of the network infrastructure or system to be tested. Testing simulates an attack by a malicious hacker outside the organization’s security perimeter. This testing can take the longest amount of time and most effort as no information is given to the testing team.





Phases of Ethical Hacking, the proper Sequence would be.





Which of these is not a group in which hackers are categorized?





This is also known as half-open scanning. The hacker sends a SYN packet and receives a SYN-ACK back from the server. A full TCP connection isn’t opened. Open ports reply with a SYN/ACK while closed ports reply with a RST/ACK.





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