Quiz 4

How vlans is made in 4500s swtich?





How can you make vlan 1 in a switch?





What is the main purpose of vlan in a switch?





You have connected IP phone with a switch and it is not communicating with the CM (Call manager) server. What is most likely to be the issue?





You are a Cisco’s engineer in a company named 360 technologies. You say your taticx Server is not reachable of the network, what will you do to diagnose this issue?





If a traffic arrives at a switch and didn’t find its destination what will be the action of switch?





What is a firewall?





With Inter-Vlan routing, you can communicate with different Vlans in different swtiches conneted in a local LAN.



If your 0/13 is down of a switch, what is the most likely layer to check to resolve this issue?





Host A is in vlan 100, Host B is in vlan 101, can they communicate with each other?



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