MCSA Windows 7 Practice Exam 1

MCSA Windows 7 Practice Exam 1

In previous Windows versions the quick launch bar was on left side and on right side we could see the programs that are loaded and running. This quick launch bar in Windows 7 has been replaced by:

Which of the below are different versions of Windows 7 Operating System?

_________________ tool is used to migrate user state from one computer to another and is park of Windows Automated Installation Kit ( AIK)

________________ are instances on a website that can be accessed without actually accessing the site itself. Eg. Stock quotes.

_______________ is the feature that protects data on removable devices.

1 exabyte = _________________

_______________ is the act of creating logical partitions from a physical hard drive

Windows uses a tool called USMT for Migration. What does it stand for?

Which of these files is not part of the USMT Tool?

The xml file that has information of what needs to migrate and what is not required to migrate is stored in which file of USMT ?

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