MCSA Windows 7 Practice Exam 3

MCSA Windows 7 Practice Exam 3

Which of the following are Disk Management Status codes?

______________ is the disk code seen when a boot sector the volume is corrupted. This is also seen when no disk signature is made for a volume.

______________ is the disk error code seen when you move a disk from an existing Win2008, Win2000, XP, Vista, 2003 to a Windows 7 PC.

Which option with the compact command forces the files to be compressed ?

Which RAID level is also known as Mirroring?

__________ is a Windows 7 built-in application that protects your system from spyware.

Which mode in Windows Defender does not require to be running  all the time?

Which of the below is not a registry key listing, when you open the Registry editor?

SSTP is a protocol used for VPN connection. What does SSTP stand for?

Which of the below tunneling protocols do not have encryption included and uses IP Sec to make it secure?

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